Venue Selection & Procurement

Been there, done that, we know all about the venues around in the Netherlands.
Restaurant and Venue Buy outs

For large groups we take care of buying out the whole venue for just your party.
Room/Group Reservations

We take care for all of your guests with special and personal attention.
Custom designed Events

In every color you want, with any kind of materials, you can have it as you want it. The complete venue in your company color? You name it, we do it.


Restaurant Procurement

We make reservations for all of your guests in several restaurants if you want us to. Taking care for partner programs for instance or by having a program all over the country.


Corporate Dining Events

for corporate dining there are lot’s of posibillities in private dining rooms. all over the country available in hotels and restaurants.


Total Event Management

It all starts with the idea, Total Event Management in a nutshell.
Site Inspections

Inspection on site just 2 or 3 days before. We are getting warm.
Hospitality Services

Dedicated and friendly hospitality teams at all your events.