Sightseeing Excursions

Great possibilities by coaster. From Amsterdam you can travel within 2 hours to any location in the country and start one of the possible tours as shown on this page
Agricultural Tours

There are great opportunities for Agricultural tours. In the Westland as is shown on the picture but also in several other parts of Holland like Friesland for instance.
Botanical Tours

Famous all over the world is ‘de Keukenhof’. Millions and millions of bulbflowers being set up for the anual greatest flowershow at our planet, in Lisse, South Holland
Museum and Gallery Tours

From the old masters as Rembrandt to Modern Art, you name it, we’ve got it!
Harbour Tours

Port of Rotterdam, Volendam, or Monnikendam, from tall to small ships
Shopping Excursion

Spread out over the country you will find our shopping outlets away from the city.

With our special vouchers you can dine wherever you like in the city of your residence.
Castle Experience

Our history is going way back into the past and you still may find a prince or princess around.
Behind the Scene Tours

One of our biggest export companies in the Netherlands like Heineken and many others provide behind the scene tours.
Youth Excursions

For every kind of group…
Fitness Programms

…or activity…
Canal Tours

….we have it!