Mountainbike Underground

In the Southern parts of Limburg you can do this activity in over of 500 km of unnatural caves
Sporting Events

Orange is the color, for soccer, field hockey an ice-speedskating events.
Sea Fishing

An enourmous variety of fish at the Northsea. You sail away, for instance from Scheveningen, within half an hour we throw out the rods and we catch codfish, haring and snapper.
Hands-on Cooking Experience

Tonight you can not complain about the food because the cook is being represented by yourselves.
Sailing Regattas

Sailing Regatta, throughout the whole of the Netherlands. Lovely tours, also for large groups. But for smaller groups or individuals there are great possibilities.
Helicopter Run

Did you ever tried this before. a helicopter run around the country?
Quest for Food/Booze

Search and run for bar or restaurant. Along the way you get all kinds of food being served. And in the end, there is beer and wine. Unless….. you don’t find us.
Boot Camp

And up 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
GPS Challange

find your way around with a GPS device